Want to know more about successful product sales?

– I have written a book on my experiences

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In this new book you will discover a proven, unique 5-step process that will help you develop winning sales strategies to help sell your product.

Experts within the Automotive, Marine and Manufacturing Industry

Smart sales solutions that turn your ideas into profitable products

We’re a sales generation business. 

We create the orders you need by identifying the prime markets for your product and then creating presentations that give key buyers the compelling reasons they need to buy.

Our smart approach uses a powerful ‘5-step process’ to identify the strengths and weakness in your product offering.

We take a clinical, evidence-based view of what’s needed to maximise sales potential.  Then we tailor our services to fit those needs precisely.  Using this approach your return on investment is guaranteed to be cost-effective and the results rewarding.

Are we successful? 

You bet we are.  But judge that for yourself by taking a look at our case studies, our clients’ testimonials and our systematic approach to adding value to the bottom line.

We specialise in developing sales with Automotive, Marine and engineered products & services 

If you have an existing product that’s underperforming, we can help. If you’re just looking at improving your sales, we can help. Think of us as your turnkey sales and marketing solution.

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Introducing the Beacon 5 Step Process

The Beacon 5-Step Process provides a step-by-step framework

It helps you to shape the key decisions that will help you successfully research, test, introduce, market and sell your products or services in the digital age

The Advantages are Immediate and Tangible

The Beacon 5-Step Process offers the opportunity to minimize investment risk and maximise sales potential.

And here’s the surprise – it’s not a fancy software program but an analytic process that is managed in partnership with your sales and marketing decision makers.

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How we’ve helped businesses find and sell their product

Meet the Team

Where there’s a need for specialist skills – sales, marketing, branding, graphic design, copy-writing, website design, Intellectual property and management – Beacon have first call on the services of a team specialists in these disciplines

Beacon sales associates, sales generation, product

Barry Luff

Sales Consultant and Project Manager

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Mark Harris

Marketing Specialist

Beacon sales associates, sales generation, product

Phillip Sheahan

Creative Marketing

Beacon sales associates, sales generation, product

Lynne Stainthorpe

Branding Specialist

Some of the people we’ve worked with:

Land Rover
Parts Alliance
Andrew Page
Lloyds Pharmacy