The Beacon Sales Challenge

Drink driving has been around even longer than the motorcar

However, it wasn’t until 1972 that the first legal alcohol limit for UK drivers was officially introduced. However, it took another 33 years before the Police routinely applied the roadside breath testing we’re familiar with today.

Given the slow progress of legislation and society’s general apathy to comply with laws that imposed restrictions on lifestyle and drinking choices, the introduction of a personal breath test meter was a monumental challenge. Who would buy it? How and when would they use it? Indeed, was there actually a viable market for the product?

The AlcoSense range

The Process

Creating the market for AlcoSense

Introduced in 2007 by Now Group UK Ltd, AlcoSense (an innovative breath test for alcohol) entered the marketplace with a unique design and little serious competition. But this was one of the toughest markets to crack: where were the opportunities and how could they be exploited? Careful research revealed the line of least resistance was to position AlcoSense as a ‘morning after’ solution.

Over 40% of people are estimated to have driven the morning after a night of moderate to heavy drinking, unaware they are still over the drink-drive limit. And with 17% of all drink-drive prosecutions recorded in the morning, here was the market opportunity where the sales and marketing case for AlcoSense made perfect sense.

The Result

Selling the AlcoSense story

From almost zero sales, credibility for AlcoSense soon took a foothold. A testament to Beacon’s carefully planned and executed sales strategies aided by strategic use of public relations support. Soon the product was taken on by the likes of Costco and Rowland Pharmacies. Other major players including Halfords, Maplin and Boots Online, the AA, RAC and Amazon, along with a number of distributors, soon followed.

Today AlcoSense has an even bigger High Street presence with Boots and Asda – both businesses are enthusiastic stockist.

AlcoSense is now established as the leading breath test product in the consumer market with an estimated market share of 97%.

Success has fuelled innovation and created the opportunity to add product extensions to cater for the growing market for more sophisticated devices as well single use tests – a valuable travel accessory following compulsory legislation requiring all drivers on French roads to carry personal breath test kits.

In 2013 a new alcohol tester (TruTouch), which measures alcohol levels by touch, was developed and AlcoSense appointed the sole distributor for UK and Ireland.  The primary market for TruTouch is workplace environments, particularly those where being alcohol free is an important safety factor.

AlcoSense Elite

The Beacon 5-Step Process was a key part of AlcoSense’s success as Hunter Abbott, managing director of AlcoSense, explains…

“Barry Luff, Beacon Sales managing director, helped us to put AlcoSense on the map and continues to work with us to grow the business.

Barry understands what it takes to get a new product to market.

He has been a great asset to the Now Group business making a valuable contribution to our vision and continuing success.”

Barry Luff with his BRAKE award.
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