The Beacon Sales Challenge

Where there’s a speed camera there’s the always the risk of penalty points, costly fines and possible job loss

When the technology became available, a new market blossomed in camera location devices. In 2000 Road Angel was ready to introduce their GPS camera locator to that market. But they were the new kids on the block. How could they make headway in what was rapidly becoming a very competitive marketplace?

Vision, Right Product and Right time

I teamed up with Road Angel within the first year of launch.

The market already had competition in the market place, however the opportunity grew with the advent and growth in installation of fixed speed cameras (around 5,500 in the UK).

My task was to help grow the product through conquest sales to Dealer Groups and Car Importers in the UK.

My initial approach was to engage with specialist car dealers with prestige cars whilst growing awareness for the Car Importers. This was a tougher nut to crack as it had to overcome question marks over its use morally.

Success was quick to develop with Dealer Groups with the appointments of CD Bramall, EMHoldings and Marshalls to name but a few.

This was co-ordinated and backed up by a sales training team who presented the product to the staff in each dealership.

The next development was to introduce to the Car importers. Success was gained with VW Group (VW, Audi, Seat, Skoda) Peugeot, Subaru and Honda who launched the product to their respective dealers.

Beacon sales associates, sales generation, product
Beacon sales associates, sales generation, product

And so the success story continued. From a standing start the Road Angel business achieved more than 85% of the overall camera locator market and was eventually part sold to venture capitalists.

Further product innovation and developing technology enabled Road Angel to add new products with enhanced features such as satellite navigation, live alerts and vehicle tracking to the range.

Road Angel took the market by storm and became a fantastic success. It was about right product, right time, available investment and seizing a great opportunity. The competition was quite literally left in its wake. It was a thrill to be involved in such a huge success story.

Beacon Sales was a key part of the Road Angel success story as Dave Clark, managing director of Road Angel, confirms…

“Beacon Sales, under the leadership of Barry Luff, has been instrumental in helping Road Angel build a sound and profitable business. The strategy of developing exceptionally strong relationships with importers and the car dealer groups has been real winner – we’re now the number one GPS camera locator business in the UK.”

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