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Barry Luff - Beacon Book
  •  Simple, Practical & No-Nonsense System For Selling More Products

    “A lot of books are just filled with fluff and re-hashed content. Barry’s book is different. It’s short and concise, but that’s a huge advantage. It’s crammed full of actionable strategies that are easy to implement. I’ve always believed that systems in any situation will always out-perform an ad-hoc approach and this book is a system in itself on how to sell products. If you’re looking to find a solution for selling more of your products I strongly recommend ‘Successful Product Sales’.”

  • A must read if you are thinking of developing and marketing any product

    “I wish I read this book before many of the ventures I have been involved in. The book is easy to read and focuses on the juice. I will refer to it again and again. I will also be recommending it to fellow entrepreneurs. Well done Barry.”

  • An excellent guide for business owners looking to increase sales

    “If you’re looking for a go to guide for launching a new product or business then look no further. This excellent book takes you through the process in a concise and easy to understand way. It’s 5 step plan is an excellent tool to ensure you have done all that is necessary to ensure successful sales. This is an excellent book to refer back to regularly and is highly recommended.”

  •  A must-read for any business that thinks it has a good idea…

    “This is a fantastic book: full of nuggets of information that could save many companies a lot of time, money and heartbreak. Make sure you read this and properly answer the points it raises before you launch any new product or service!”

  •  Excellent concise book for anyone launching a new product of company

    “Excellent concise book, giving practical suggestions about how to successfully launch a product or company and then grow the business. There must be thousands of good ideas that never get to market. This book gives a methodology and five step plan to follow. This makes sure that the original ideas are validated and checked, before large sums of development time and money are spent going in the wrong direction, or trying ideas that are unlikely to succeed, if the value proposition is weak or isn’t clear or the market probably doesn’t exist, as was originally thought . This book and methodology should therefore increase the chances of success. It covers the use of social media and raising the profile of your company and product. Lots of good practical tips for any developing business”

  •  Very inspiring read. It cuts straight to the chase with some great live examples of successful product launches. I would recommend this book to bring you up to speed with today’s sales environment.

    “Very inspiring read. It cuts straight to the chase with some great live examples of successful product launches. I would recommend this book to bring you up to speed with today’s sales environment.”

FREE easy to read guide on of how to take a product to market and make profitable sales.

10 Things To Know About Successful Product Sales will encourage you to see every stage of the sales process in a new light. It will help you to identify the true market for your product.
Barry Luff’s book is packed with ideas that you can turn into actions to grow your business and nourish your sales and marketing harvest.

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your product
  • Develop winning sales strategies
  • Prioritise your most cost-effective routes to market
  • Determine what you need to do to create a powerful sales proposition
  • Leverage fresh niche market opportunities

Test deal formulas, offers and incentives to see which work best
“This brilliant book ticks all the boxes and really brings the whole sales process to life in a meaningful and enjoyable way. Easy and informative read with some great reminders of what is really important in achieving business success.”
Ross Wilson (SME and MSB adviser and leader of two of the fastest growing professional service businesses in the UK)