Lighthouse Clinic

Is your product proposition still relevant in a changing marketplace? Are your sales targets too low? Are you giving away margin for the sake of turnover?

You’ll get answers to these all-important questions (and more) with an inexpensive Beacon Lighthouse Clinic report. 

Think of your Beacon Lighthouse Clinic report as a business Health Check. It will shine a light on the top-ten reasons for poor sales performance.

You can treat your Beacon Lighthouse Clinic Report as a one-off service or the gateway to a longer association. Typically, clients regard the light it shines on fresh business opportunities as the impetus they need to engage with us further through the Beacon 5-Step Process.  

Wrong Audience

Is your message missing the mark for a changing audience?

Correct Marketing

How is your target market changing?  What new niches are offering opportunities that you’re missing?

Off Target Ambitions

Are you expecting too little from your sales investment? You’ll be amazed by what can be achieved by revising your approach to your customer base.

Selling the Product and Not The Solution

A miss-match between your product offering and the solution customers want to buy but could be killing your credibility.

Unbalanced Company Efforts

Have you got the right balance between product development, marketing, customer service/support and sales?

Tunnel Vision

Is ego or pointless persistence blocking your need to embrace essential changes?

Pricing Structure

Are you giving away margin for the sake of turnover? The old adage of turnover is vanity and profit is sanity is as true today as it ever was.


Do not underestimate the power of your Company name! Has your brand become tarnished by neglect over time? Time to polish up your reputation, perhaps? 

Wrong Story

Is your product proposition still relevant in a changing marketplace?

What’s Happened To Your USP?

Is your Unique Selling Proposition still relevant?  Now is the time to test its power against your major competitors.


What’s the The Beacon 5-Step Process?

We call the analytical process we use for business growth ‘The Beacon 5-Step Process’. It’s not a fancy software program but a methodology that is managed in partnership with your sales and marketing decision makers. The process was developed by Beacon’s founder, Barry Luff, and is based on his 30 years of experience in sales and business management. The intelligence it provides will help shape the key decisions necessary to successfully research, test, introduce, market and sell your products or services in the digital age. In short, The Beacon 5-Step Process minimises the investment risk for business growth because every decision is evidence based. A full introduction to The Beacon 5-Step Process is included in our free initial consultation.

Denis Heenan talks about his Beacon Lighthouse Clinic experience:

“We wanted to launch a new fuel additive product to the UK market but we needed a sales specialist to challenge our assumptions about the marketing. Barry Luff was recommended to us and we agreed to a Lighthouse Clinic report.

Barry’s approach was very professional and thorough. The insights we gained were invaluable in our decision to work with him using the Beacon 5-Step Process. We were very glad that we did.  The market intelligence gained with Barry’s help provided the structure for our revised business plan. We then engaged Beacon Sales to help execute the plan and develop the marketing and sales for the product.

I highly recommend a Beacon Lighthouse Clinic to anyone who wants a ‘fix’ on where they’re at vis-à-vis bringing a new product to market or turbo-boosting an established underperforming product. Our Beacon experience truly exceeded our expectations.”

Denis Heenan
Director of International Fuel Solutions