Meet The Team


Barry Luff

Business Growth & Sales Consultant

Barry heads up the Beacon team. Barry’s the best starting point on the road to sales heaven: that place where the right market sectors and the best routes to market meet. That’s also the place where business growth and profitability form the perfect partnership. Barry built his reputation on success in the automotive market working for the likes of Hella, Valeo, and Hollandia. In 2000 he set-up his own sales consultancy and consolidated that success with new clients including LPG Systems, Road Angel and AlcoSense.
Barry’s experience in bringing new products to market was the inspiration for the Beacon 5-step Process ¬– a strategic planning and validation toolkit that takes new and re-launched products along the critical pathway to growth and business confidence. The Beacon 5-step Process is now the strategic tool at the core of sales success across a range of automotive, technology and consumer products.


Mark Harris

Marketing Specialist

Mark has over 25-years experience of product and service marketing companies in the UK, US and Finland companies operating in the energy, mobile, retail logistics and technology sectors.
Mark is also a coach at the Marketing Academy and focuses on developing marketing teams that problem solve with true business mindset. Since 2001, Mark has helped some of the best Finnish technology companies develop their marketing strategies and establish themselves in the UK.
Mark specialises in customer retention, service excellence, technology marketing, mobile marketing, value proposition development, digital marketing and creating partnership programmes.


Phillip Sheahan

Marketing Storyteller

Phillip applies his extensive experience in advertising and marketing to help clients define and clarify their USP (Unique Selling Proposition). Often the real product story is confused or wrong for the target market, or simply fails to grab the customer’s attention. Finding the ‘right’ story for a target market and telling that story in a way that meets a need is key to both securing new customers and establishing repeat business.
Strategy, presentations, copywriting, editorial, graphics, photography and video are all part of Phillip’s arsenal of talents for producing powerful ‘creative marketing’ storytelling.Phillip’s worked for some of the biggest names on the High Street in banking, retail, fashion and travel. He also has extensive experience in direct mail, mail order and healthcare.


Lynne Stainthorpe

Branding Specialist

Lynne has the priceless knack of revitalising brands. She brings focus, clarity and insight to a brand strategy and marketing plan. Her in-depth, hands-on branding experience means she can help define your differentiated brand positioning – and then bring it to life in product packaging, brochures and all key marketing materials.
Lynne was trained in marketing with Unilever, Beecham and ICI Paints. Her experience includes both B2C and B2B market sectors from home fashion to facilities management. However, her first love has always been branding and she now works extensively with SMEs.


Michael Downing

Intellectual Property Protection

Michael is an independent IP and Trademark attorney that works to protect original ideas on behalf of their creators. He specialises in patents, trademarks and design protection, to produce effective and affordable strategies for protecting your creativity. Michael works alongside our clients and has the skills and experience to cut through the complex legal formalities to make the intellectual property system intelligible and relevant.