Why Beacon?

The Important Qualities and Values That Benchmark Beacon’s Success.

We add value as well as sales.
“When I started Beacon Sales in 2000, I recognised that selling in the 21st Century needed a fresh approach. I wanted to offer clients a dynamic turnkey solution founded on measurable, evidence-based principles. The result was the Beacon 5-Step Process. But the values and experiences that underpin our 5-Step Process are perhaps even more important. They ensure that we give you the critical information you need to support your decision and drive your ambition for profitable business growth. I’d welcome the opportunity to discuss what we can do to help you grow.” 

<b>Barry Luff</B><br>Founder

Barry Luff

Five Reasons Why Clients Choose Beacon.

Beacon Business Coaching is designed to work with your business plan. It’s an action-orientated programme that guides and supports you through the essentials for creating your personal goal directed behaviours as an entrepreneurial thinker and achiever.

Confidence Inspired By Quality

We always provide the evidence to support our recommendations. That way you know that you’re getting the best return for your sales and marketing investment.


We love clients who show a passion for their products. We love to be part of your motivation to embrace a dynamic, results-driven approach to business development.


We believe trust is the best foundation for a strong partnership.

Serious About Success

We’re passionate about the whole process of helping you build a brand and watching your sales grow. Selling may be is a serious business but … when you get it right it’s also a lot of fun.


If we can’t help you, we’ll tell you.

Get started with Beacon Business Coaching / Sales Growth

Is Beacon Business Coaching for you?  You can discover that quite easily with a phone call or a face-to-face conversation. It’ll take no more than 45-minutes and it’s entirely without obligation. What have you got to lose?  Call or email and let’s get a date in the diary.

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